Skulls and Bones.

Poor children.

Children laying down,
broken, exposed and frail beyond comprehension.

Shadows strike within the glass,
reflecting the reflections of the tiny,
fragile souls,
up towards the sky.

They lay,
defeated, consumed
lost in the mystery of deception,
haunted beings,
screaming with no perception
of what happens next.

Locked and bound
to their everlasting demise.
The only memory left of them,
the one reflected towards the heavens,
where heaven is nowhere to be reached.

Their hands tangled into one another,
with the footsteps getting closer,
they pray to the heavens.

They pray to the only thing that can save them,
yet the prey,
the prey devours them inside the house of heaven.
The Children shrieking their confessions,
shouting at the haunted curse,
that took their childhood away.

The curse approaches them,
noises made like the sound of skulls
rattling and signaling,
the voices of a null, beast-like,
and unforgiving savage.

The clock is ticking
and the Children pray,
as the prey gets closer.


Skulls and bones.



Sleep, and close your eyes, rest.

I rest my head every day,
On a pillow so soft, it keeps me safe,
It catches my dreams and thoughts
Judges me not, and knows who I am.

On my bed, I sleep every night,
Safe and sound from any fright.
Dreams all gone, not in sight,
My brain turned off, with all it’s might.

Sleeping does wonders to a man,
Especially my pillow and bed.
They hold me tight without a fret,
Eyes wide shut, long day ahead.


Thin Line

Never lose hope, even if you’ll fail.

I told you how I felt,
And you just froze,
Like a snowman in a storm
Calm and existing with the weather
Before the sun rose back again and melted him down.

I’m sure about my feelings to you,
Like a drunken sailor loves his rum
Drinking it down like there’s no tomorrow,
But there is a tomorrow…

I’m hanging on a thread here,
With both ends cut off,
Caught mid-air,
Screaming with my hands orbiting the atmosphere,
I’m about to fall.

The human brain,
A mean machine, of constant thought,
Driving a person towards eternal insanity,
Feelings too intense to consume.

I drink to your love every night,
Hoping, just hoping it’ll come,
Banging on my door, 4,5,6 A.M
I’ll be awake by then,
Staring at the entrance
Like a soldier on duty
Waiting not the enemy,
But the ally, that will end my agony.