About Me

I will write poetry, opinion pieces, creative writings of all different sorts. It’s my blog eventually, so I’ll write whatever the heck I want (notice how edgy I can be).

I hold a B.A in English and hopefully striving for higher. From Beirut, Lebanon, and I have a dream someday of becoming an author. I work as an English teacher as well, fun stuff. I play hardcore punk  but I honestly suck, just for the fun of it. Hmm, I also enjoy sports, especially basketball and soccer. I love playing video-games as well. Been playing them ever since I can remember.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of blogging, and how useful it can be to get yourself out there, and share your work and ideas through the power of the internet. Hopefully, my endeavors into the realm of blogging shall be successful, and I hope dear reader, that you enjoy this blog, as I mostly shares pieces of my life, opinions, poetry, and beautiful stuff!

For anyone who read this, have a great day!