The Cultural Shift after Trump

We live in interesting times.


Now that Trump is at the helm of power in the United States, a crucial and critical cultural shift is bound to happen. Through the power of the internet and social media, prior to the entire Trump frenzy, an amazing movement was happening, and it was quite simply the meme culture.

Trump knew how to play his cards strategically, and appealed to those who are easier to reach, and to those who are willing to realize political rhetoric. This is where Hillary Clinton, in my opinion of course, failed.

Donald Trump utilized and used the vast influence he had, through social media, and the massive reach he had to the masses, even though Hillary won the popular vote. This is key here, when looking at the type of audience both managed to attribute towards their respective sides.

Hillary failed with the over-glorification of herself, and huddling towards the votes of millennials and social justice warriors, add to that a spray of Hollywood influence, which any ‘reasonable’ voter knew would have zero influence on them.

Trump grasped a smarter approach, and that was evident throughout the entire process, and all the way up to the speech that Trump did today in his Inauguration. He reached the common people, and not just that, but spoke with a rhetoric that was a lot more convincing and compelling than that of Hillary Clinton. The grandiose influence of his supporters over the world wide web was also key. Having political support from people with great social media influence in terms of politics of course, is arguably a lot more efficient than quite literally appealing to Hollywood liberals, and those with only a limited view of the picture perfect progressive world.

This all relates to the cultural shift that awaits. We’re looking at something more direct, something that Americans, and people around the world haven’t been used to for a while. The more traditional and ‘old’ America if one might say, awaits us. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Everything is still vague and general, and that is to be expected. It’s hard for a newly appointed president to tell his entire plans, except for a few endpoints that are repeated throughout the campaign process. Now is the real moment who all realize and live what is actually going to happen.

During the lifespan of this fierce battle of presidency, a new ‘era’ spawned and spiraled out from the internet war that was going on. I can easily say that 2016 was the year where people started realizing and opened their eyes to the cognitive dissonance and abnormalities in the logic spewed. People became a lot more aware to the implications of a certain ideology, and by this I definitely mean the Cultural Marxism that was tapping towards insanity. This was one of the main ‘backers’ to put it simply of Trump. Everyone was tired and started realizing the flaws in a collective thought spectrum, that didn’t make any sense.

The ‘meme’ culture I mentioned above, is also a shift that wasn’t expected. Even Hillary Clinton herself and those who campaigned for her, marked a ‘meme frog’, Pepe, as racist and sexist. Yes, this is how far memes had an impact on the entire process. You could find hundreds even thousands of Facebook pages, twitter pages, blogs, etc. all over the internet that supported either side, or those who were indifferent, and that played a vital role on the outcome, and shaped people’s perceptions and realizations on what to decide as for votes. The power of a simple picture on the internet, shouldn’t be held of it’s importance.

Personally, I have mixed feelings on this. I was excited about this particular election war, and I knew that Trump would come out the victor. I didn’t support any of the candidates, but I’m sure glad that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the one to clinch the electoral college, as it would be far more interesting to see what someone outside the modern American establishment would do, or what actions he would take when appointed as President of the United States, which as of today, Donald Trump is.

We live in an interesting time, and I’m glad to be alive to witness how the world around us is changing.

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