Being lost and hopeless sucks, doesn’t it?


Losing sense as I clasp to my sanity.

Tumbling along the rocky mountain,

There I seek solitude along the heights.

A string of air upon my face,

Memories shine down like footprints,

Long walks on the beach with myself,

Your face an instant memory.

My mind lost within itself,

Hopes and dreams unseen, unfulfilled,

Forgotten and wasted;

Forever remorseful.

I remember you as you were,

Distant and never near,

A stranger walking by me, right be me,

I take a glance.

Your eyes, a glaze special and distinct,

Blinds me every time I recall the perfection.

Lost but never lost,

The paradox that forever twirls around,

Like a noose hanging around my neck.

I look at the ground, and remember the heavy cost,

A price so big I never dared to pay.

Fear and hopelessness in check,

I paid eventually.

I lost what I never had.


I’m going slightly mad.

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