It all goes away.


Torn wallpaper, canvas hiding the scars.

Chandelier weeping, crystal drops filling the sky.

Tables sleeping and chairs empty, deathly restfulness.

Food hollow, swaying in the kitchen.

Closets full of despair and secrets, lives forgotten.

Wires hanging, free from the chains of light,

existing with bliss and enjoyment,

hugging and tangled with another, complete.

Statues melting and fading with the looming darkness,

death of spirit slow.

T.V’s and radio’s, technology raw and exposed,

extinct and forever gone.

No sound and no whisper, utter silence.

Concrete walls of nothingness,

the nothingness becomes us.

We become the nothingness.

Lives fulfilled, harvested and grown,

All for none, and none for all.

Just like the fading empty house,

We are always alone,

for eternity.

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