The U.S Elections

Move on. Work together for your country.


There’s something that’s mind boggling me when it comes to the whole debacle that just went down in the States today. I don’t know whether to laugh at it, or just feel bad, for the individuals who absolutely have no understanding of politics whatsoever.

Donald Trump won. End of story. I just can’t believe that some people don’t have any respect for the electoral system that is in place. I’ve been reading all sorts of articles and news bits about so called ‘riots’ from people who are ‘not happy’ with the results. I mean, people have spoken, and they have voted. Move the fuck on. Instead of dwelling on the results, and simply naming out the majority of the U.S people who voted for Trump for crying out loud. You are the minority here, in terms of electoral numbers and voters.

Another thing I noticed was the insane use of words like sexist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, and so on. I mean, saying Trump is ‘literally Hitler‘, isn’t actually a political argument you can back your candidate of choice with. I think that was one of the main reasons why the voting fell short on Hillary’s side. Not just that, I think the killing blow was when Hillary called all Trump voters ‘deplorables’, along with the Wikileaks that also were key in her losing.

You might not agree with Trump in terms of policy: THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT.

Don’t go on with the rhetoric of saying overused cliche insults that lead to no political discourse whatsoever. That’s where Trump had the edge. He knew how to deal with all of this, and he deserves a lot of respect for that, also his supporters.

This is as simple as it gets: some people’s candidate of choice lost, and some people’s candidate of choice won.

All American people should put their hands together now, and move on and try to make their country better with Trump in the helm, that was even said today by Hillary herself in her concession speech. MOVE ON.

I honestly don’t care for any of this, my country is fucked up and that’s already enough to keep my mind busy, but for fuck’s sake, get your shit together and move forward. If having the Republican candidate as president is the worst blow you’ve ever gone through, to the extent where you need ‘crying spaces‘ or a fucking ‘cry in’ to mourn, like what happened in Cornell, then trust me, the world is going to be an unforgiving place for you.
Devastated Cornellians ‘Mourn’ Election of Donald Trump at Cry In

Both candidates are controversial, and both have their ups and downs, but like I said before, this is POLITICS. It’s about political parties, and simply the Republicans clinched this one. That doesn’t mean there should be a division, but instead a unity should take place, no matter what you think of either candidate.

Final note, in my opinion at least, if we didn’t have social media, this would have gone EXACTLY like what I’m talking about, as an actual political presidential race. The main stream media was so drenched in their own shit, spewing crap against both candidates, and providing false rhetoric and perspective, especially against Trump. Also, I’m frazzled by people who actually care what famous people have to think about this. Who cares if Jay-Z or fucking Miley Cyrus backs any of them, how does this sway any voter? I have no idea… It’s just absolutely shocking to see people being influenced by pop icons who don’t know anything. Just remember that, and have a logical and unbiased mind while processing information.

All I have to say is that good luck with what’s coming on next in the U.S chapter of history. I hope the 45th president does you good. Bad luck for Hillary and her supporters, and congratulations for Donald Trump and his supporters.

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