Science is Racist? I’m done.

But I thought university students are smart…


South Africa: Science Must Fall.

The above video is from a meeting/talk done by students who are ‘fallists’, they’re from South Africa, and this was held in The University of Cape Town (UCT).

These ‘students’, think that Newton’s actual theory of gravity (which works), is no less valid or verified than witchcraft… I can’t believe how these numbnuts are actual university students. I mean, what in the hell are they being taught? It’s just unbelievable and pathetic, and depressing to realize that they laugh and belittle someone who interrupts them to tell them that summoning a lightning strike isn’t possible. Yes, it’s that bad and ridiculous. They think that it’s ‘African Science’ to summon and cast a lightning strike on someone, and they want to give up Western ‘racist’ science so that they can decolonize their minds. They want to ‘restart science in an African perspective’…

What’s astounding about this, is that it really cements the saying that the stupidest people are most confident of their bullshit.¬†How can she look straight in the face a damn science faculty and spew bullshit like this?

I’m 100% sure that this lady uses mobile phones, laptops, cement roads, rides or drives cars, etc. I want her to stop using all these things that were made possible by ‘Western’ science and let me see how long she will last. Her entire existence and life was made easier by what she thinks is ‘racist’, so I think she should just go ahead and kill herself. I mean, isn’t that the only possible thing she can do. She sure can’t undo the entire scientific advancements done to the world, so I guess she should find the nearest bridge or tallest building, and end it.

It baffles me every time I think about what’s happening on college campuses, or when I see something like this. What’s sparking all this regression? Is it a subtle dumbing down, some conspiracy theory? I don’t know, and I don’t care. But it’s just so hard to disregard stupidity such as this. The downward spiral keeps going on and on, and the pendulum is swinging in the wrong direction. This is very dangerous and real.



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