Broken Narratives

Free your mind and challenge yourself.


There’s something that really astounds me with today’s society.

Everyone thinks that their version of a certain event is true, no matter what the facts show. If said person is presented with empirical evidence to prove him/her wrong, nothing. You sense a complete shutdown, and you are harassed on the spot. Nowadays, everyone is right, even the stupidest beliefs or realizations they might have, no matter how broken their narratives, or arguments is, if it’s my opinion, then surely I’m right, and you’re wrong.

I started noticing this fact more and more during my college years. Now I’m a senior, but whenever I recall backwards to my childhood, even high school, this was never a thing that would usually happen. In high school specifically, we were more open to different opinions and different sets of facts and arguments. I feel like a zombie invasion has swooped some of this generation’s minds and numbed them to a state where skepticism isn’t a viable source or mechanism to be used while discussing said subject or tackling said narrative that’s going on.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled┬áto their absolute own opinion on anything or any subject, but logical debate and argument skills should spark your brain and you should intuitively know when you might be mistaken, or when you are simply open to newer views that you didn’t think of previously.

There’s nothing wrong with challenging your own ideas. That’s how each person grows.

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