The Death of Cool: The Ultimate Memoir

Stay cool.


Gavin McInnes, known recently for being a right-wing personnel and founder of the Proud Boys: Chauvinists who won’t apologize for creating the modern world, before that known mostly for his ad agency and as co-owner of Vice magazine.

What’s so special about this memoir is the fact that you can feel Gavin sitting right next to you with his glorious beard glistening, talking to you about his insane experiences while having a beer in a small cozy pub. I have never read a book that reads so easily, and the load of laughter is heavy. Usually memoirs tend to be about the usual bullshit, you know the sufferings and mishaps of a person, drama driven crap. With the Death of Cool, there’s barely any place for that. I’d rather read or hear a story from someone about breaking into a golf field, getting high and helping a friend out of a sink-hole, rather than one about your girlfriend dumping you, and you feeling sad. Although Gavin does talk about some of his struggles and personal bits, but they’re barely the star of the memoir.

The sincerity by Gavin is another thing that makes the memoir shine even better. You know you are not getting any bullshit, and Gavin holds nothing back. You’ll read things such as an old man living in an apartment above him having raging diarrhea that spreads all over the place. Not something you might want to imagine, but why not? That’s a fucking cool story.

Zero fucks given, that’s what I feel Gavin’s motto in life is. After reading the book and discovering his show, the Gavin McInnes Show, you’ll realize how all these stories collected and forged beautifully give you an outlook of a breed of people that we very much need in our world. I bet Gavin won’t care if you like the book, or if you’re offended by anything mentioned, because ‘that would be gay’ as he often says on his show.

“I loved this book, though it may have given my eyeballs gonorrhea”, that’s what Samantha Bee had to say about this timeless memoir, and I can’t find better words to describe this masterpiece.

Stay cool people.

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