Don’t be silent, look at me. Love me.


I sit on the balcony
Cigarette in my mouth,
4 A.M, complete silence.
Just like hers.

Silence is cruelty
Silence is death
Silence is crippling my soul,
Please, don’t be silent anymore.

I’m trying to reach you,
But some part of me
Is keeping ground, hesitation.
The quietness isn’t making me sure.

Beauty and soulfulness
Combined with your tranquility,
And your convoluted self.
I can be the remedy,
The cure to your silence.

Please, think about me,
As much as I think about you.
Please, love me as much
As I’ll love you.

Don’t be silent anymore,
Be clamorous and loquacious,
For I will cherish you and hold you
I’ll never let go,
I’ll always be there,
Just let me,
Before it’s too late.

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